Saturday, August 15, 2009

Anatomy of a Skirt Pt 3

Here is the last part of the series Anatomy of a Skirt. So we need to put in the zipper. To do that we will need to press the sides of the seam that was left open over. One the left side press it 1/2" and on the right side press it 5/8". Turn right side out.

Anatomy of a Skirt Pt 3_58

Pin baste the zipper to the side that has the 1/2" turn over matching the edge of the fabric just before the edge of the teeth. Stitch down.

Anatomy of a Skirt Pt 3_59

Anatomy of a Skirt Pt 3_60

Zip up the zipper and pin baste the opposite fabric edge making sure to lap it over and having the edge just meet the seam edge where you sewed the other side of the zipper in. Starting at the bottom sew across the lower edge of the zipper. Keeping the needle down pivot 90 degrees and sew up toward the top.When you get to the top carefully raise the foot so you can unzip the zipper and then lower the foot and continue sewing to the end.

Anatomy of a Skirt Pt 3_65

Anatomy of a Skirt Pt 3_67

The zipper is done and now to the waistband.

Take the waistband and press down 1/4" along the one edge. I used the selvedge so no need to serge it to keep it from fraying.

Anatomy of a Skirt Pt 3_68

With the right sides together pin it to the skirt. Stitch in.

Anatomy of a Skirt Pt 3_69

Press seam toward band.

Anatomy of a Skirt Pt 3_70

Fold band with right sides together and stitch the ends.

Anatomy of a Skirt Pt 3_71

Trim seams. Unfold and press band flat matching edge just over edge of seam at waist.

Anatomy of a Skirt Pt 3_72

Anatomy of a Skirt Pt 3_73

Pin down on outside of skirt.

Anatomy of a Skirt Pt 3_74

Stitch in the ditch, which means stitch in the seam line, of the waistband.

Anatomy of a Skirt Pt 3_76

Anatomy of a Skirt Pt 3_78

Lastly I sewed in a skirt hook and eye. Finally the skirt is done!

Anatomy of a Skirt_8

Don't forget to leave a comment for a chance to win 2 yards of fabric. I will do the drawing on Wednesday to give enough time for people to comment.


  1. The skirt is pretty. I really like the ruffle and the shirt and flat shoesyou paired it with.

  2. very cute outfit!! I would totally rock it! love it!

    rachel s.

  3. the skirt is super cute! perfect for Fall with a great pair of boots & sweater! i will have to give a skirt a try, you make it look so simple! thanks :)

  4. Thanks for the tutorial! I really enjoyed it.


  5. Boots would be great as would a pair of high heels and a ruffled blouse for a night out.

    I am glad you liked the tutorial, Melanie :)

  6. I love reading all of your cute posts! :]
    I would love love love to get your blueberry muffin recipe!
    My email is


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