Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lucky Magazine Styles New Trends for Etsy

Jackie Nasser of Lucky Magazine held a show in the Virtual Labs this evening at Etsy to showcase the new Fall trends. This was a great opportunity to let buyers see what was on trend and available for sale on Etsy.

Many people would not think of Etsy as the go to place for fashion. It has had the image of the crafter who sits at home knitting toilet paper cozies or makes tatty stuffed animals. Well this showing definitely blew that image out of the water. The clothes were very beautiful and up to par with what you would find in any small boutique.

Here are what the big trends to look out for are:


Look for them in skirts, blouses, blazers, shoes, etc.

Big Florals:

These can be mixed with solids or smaller florals in coordinating colors. Keep the jewelry simple so as not to overwhelm the outfit.


This look is still around and can be hard to style. I found this lovely option that would look great with a blazer or with a blouse underneath.


Whether going retro with the menswear look or rocking the brights a Blazer is a Fall necessity. The styling options are endless and it will keep you toasty warm!


Neon brights from the Spring are still around. Why just wear one? Tone it down with jeans and maybe a nice jacket. Or not? If you are young you can really rock this look and go for a bright mini!

Big Cocktail Rings:

What every woman needs gracing her finger, a big vintage looking ring. Luckily I have my grandmothers stash, but for those not as lucky Etsy has a treasure trove.

Statement Necklaces:

Large necklaces, especially in the bib style are making a strong showing. Etsy is the perfect place to get a one of a kind creation.

Menwear's Inspired Style:

You can't mention menswear inspired style without invoking images of Annie Hall. Such a classic look!

Long Sleeved Mini Dress

Wore with tights, leggings or maybe skinny jeans if you are not comfortable with your bare legs. This is a classier take on the 60's mini dress.

While nothing much was said about color other than the Brights that are listed here, many of us noted that quite a few of the picks that Jackie had were in purple hues. She never came out right out and answered the questions on whether purple was the "in" color for fall, but it is safe to say that you can not go wrong with plums and lavenders when paired with the seasons greys and golds.

Why shop Etsy for your fashion? As noted by Jackie, many Etsy shops recycle/upcyle or use sustainable materials in their garments. This creates less waste and is easier on the environment So you are being kind to Mother Earth! It is also becoming a trend to have a connection to the person who created the item you are purchasing. Where better to be able to do that than Etsy?

So I know I have now been inspired to start my Fall shopping. My favorites list is now a mile long! Thank you Jackie and thank you Etsy for this great opportunity.


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