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Friday Finds Aug 7 A Day Late

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Sorry this post is late, but I was so exhausted from shopping yesterday I just couldn't get it together. Here are my week's finds for you now. Hope you like them!
Again I gravitated to Forever21. Their clearance section is jam packed right now and Tom, my husband, actually found this sweater as I was searching another section. It was only $11.80 and a perfect fit for my wardrobe! Up near the register they had a bin full of belts and I snagged three, the brown croco shown here, a grey croco and a super skinny black with brass studs double wrap belt. All for only $2.50 each! Even my husband was impressed. *smirk*

Friday Finds Aug 7 052Originally uploaded by Peldyn

Next stop was Target and there I went straight to Hosiery. I was looking for tights but unfortunately they had none. What they did have was a clearance on over the knee and thigh high socks! I nearly swooned! I have been having "sock dreams" for a while now but couldn't afford to pay the prices on some of the websites. Here were adorable socks and they were only $2.48 to $2.98 a pair! I felt like I had died and gone to sock heaven. I filled my arms full and the husband thought I had lost my mind. Of course once I tried them on he agreed that they were tres adorable. I am thinking of all the ways I will style them! So much fun *grin*

***Coming Up***
Don't miss next week. Coming Monday I will be doing a series of posts on making a skirt! What better way to be stylish on a shoestring than to make your own clothes? See how it is done and enter to win enough fabric to make your own skirt!


  1. I need a shoestring for my shoes, can you teach me how to make one on a shoestring??

  2. Since I am not sure if you are joking or not, I will treat this as serious. Take old shoes and reuse the shoestrings, or get a lacet and make your own. It is easy and fun. If you are nice I may do a tutorial on how to make your own shoestrings.


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