Monday, August 17, 2009

Effortless Hair

Like most of us, at times I agonize over my hair. I buy all kinds of hair products to try and tame the frizz. I curl it, I straighten it. I have blow dried it to within an inch of it's life. I have teased and tortured it. I have dyed and bleached it. I have even permed it. But sometimes I just want to be able to just run out of the house with hair that took no time and looks great. The other day I noticed an article on MSN about 6 Gorgeous Things To Do With Your Hair Today. While most of the looks were over the top and outrageous, Can we say 80's gone wrong here? I was struck by the last look. It was so fresh and easy and something that most of us could pull off no matter the length of our hair.

I decided that I want that look! First off I have to find myself some beautiful headbands. Both ArtFire and Etsy have adorable headbands for sale that would look amazing with this style.
First to look on Etsy:

AuroraRose has this beautiful Blue checkered headband that would look so stunning in anyone's hair. Just elegant with blacks, greys and navys.

This one by Tatteredelegance would go so well with the greys and golds of Fall.

I just love the leaf shape and green color of this band. Very versatile color.

Now on to ArtFire:

This simple silver fern leaf is elegant for evening yet can be worn for day as well. By mylavaliere

For a bit of fun I would try this floral headband by winslow

So, will I have no more bad hair days from now on? Well, I doubt it. But at least my headband will look good. *grin*


  1. you had me at the first one! love it!

  2. Great headbands! I especially like the green leaf one. Very pretty. :)

  3. Love the single green beaded leaf! I like that it would add sparkle and shine but still remains simple :)

  4. Gosh! I never realised how many nice hairbands there were on Etsy!

  5. Looks like the green leaf one is a favorite. I think it is mine too if I had to choose one!

  6. those are darling, i love headbands! i should wear them more :)


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