Saturday, August 22, 2009

Friday Finds Aug 21 Yes it is Sat. LOL!

I didn't have anyone Friday to help me with my photo shoot so this article is a day late. But I am sure you won't mind since my friend Diana came over to help and brought her skunk Daisy! Daisy helped me model the clothing and was such a good girl!

First was a pair of Super Skinny jeans I got on sale at Target. They are only $15.00 and when I say they are super skinny, I mean it!

Fun with Skunk_7

Next is a pea green sweater with a cute ruffle around the neck. On clearance at Target for only $8.98! Very versatile it could be worn over a blouse as well as by itself.

Fun with Skunk_13

This dress has a vintage 60's sheath dress vibe to it and at 25.88 I could not pass it up! Daisy definitely approves! It will layer beautifully. It was also at Target.

Fun with Skunk_16

Adorable bird earrings that this picture do not do justice to. From peaches4me. She has shops on ArtFire and Etsy. only $11.00

Fun with Skunk_29

Polka-dot blouse paired with the Super Skinny jeans in navy blue. Both from Target. Blouse $8.98, I feel like I am stealing at that price!

Fun with Skunk_30

Black and grey striped cowl necked top. Super soft and ready for Fall! Only $14.99 at Target.

Fun with Skunk_23

Now to leave you with one last photo of Skunky adorableness!

Fun with Skunk_21


  1. Wow..what a haul! Lovin the last outfit in particular...those shoes are fabulous!

  2. now I feel like going clothes shopping!!
    cool skunk !

  3. Awesome finds!!! Great pieces! Great prices!

  4. Right now is a great time to shop. Target's clearance racks are STUFFED full of great transitional pieces and Fall items are just making it into the stores and being put on sale. Wait until next Friday. I was bad and went shopping again. And I promised myself that I would just show pictures of cool things I found online and didn't buy! *ashamed blush*

  5. Wait! You can have skunks as pets?! That is so cool, and the outfit with the polka dot top is especially adorable :) Your black and white shoes are really great too.

  6. I found the photos!! Wow. That's something. I didn't realize skunks could be pets. Kinda weird but cool. I've had squirrels, snakes, tarantula and pigeons but never a skunk. Cool fashions also.


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