Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Finds May 14th

I was able to make another trip to the Victorville Goodwill with my friends Kim and Judy. It was just PACKED with bargains! Kim and Judy found so many household items they filled the back of my truck and we had to have help carrying it out! I am such a nudge and didn't take pictures while we were shopping. I DID have my camera on me but totally forgot! Strangely enough I found a whole pile of my own clothes that I had given to a neighbor and that she must have donated to the Goodwill. Kim bought one of my old skirts *giggle* Since it all goes to charity we are happy :)

So here is my haul!

Sage green blouse $4.49. I will need to replace the button loops, but that is easy, I have loop tape.

Boingo Brogue Oxford Shoes $5.99. These I plan on giving to my daughter Tarah, so cute!

Papaya Blouse with embroidery and beading $4.49.

Nicole Miller Shrug $2.00. This had an area where the crochet edge had all come undone. Thank goodness I can crochet! I fixed it right up as soon as I got home. It looks so sweet over the Papaya blouse.

Steve Madden Wedges $5.99. I normally would have passed these by, but Kim and Tom said to try them on and they looked so cute that I bought them. I have already worn them twice!

Eyelet Skirt $2.99. Perfect as a petticoat!

Green Shrug $3.49.

Black Embroidered Corset $4.49. This beauty needed a bit of work. It started out with horrible stained lingerie straps that I replaced with black velvet straps ala the Louis Vuitton corsets and the bow was also replaced as it was originally frayed white satin. Now it is nice black grosgrain. I also gave it a nice soak in oxyclean to brighten the white areas since they were all grey and yucky. Now it is beautiful and fresh! I can't wait to pair it with some new fabric I bought for a skirt (but more on that for another post).

Canisters $7.99. Yes, it is not clothing, but what great canisters!

Lastly are these Madden Girl brogues that Kim isisted on buying for me. I love them!

I also bought a lovely item for my friend Grrl, but it is a surprise so I can't let you all see it!

Now to let you see what Tom bought me for Mother's Day:

Zig Zags
  • Top- Anthropologie
  • Belt- Anthropologie
  • Skirt- American Eagle Outfitters via Ebay
  • Shoes- Goodwill. Victorville

I love my new top and belt. They were both on super sale! The belt was only available in large, but a hole punch fixed it up.

I hope to make another thrifting trip next week. I really need shorts now that I have gone up a size. Wish me luck in finding some!



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