Monday, May 24, 2010

Road Trip!

With my husband back at work and a new car in the driveway just begging to be driven the mood was right for a road trip! We drove up to Big Bear in the San Bernadino Mountains and spent an afternoon looky looing around.

On the drive up we hit a couple yard sales, I have a lovey post about what I did with one of my finds for tomorrow!

We lunched at Pong's Restaurant. The Pad Thai was yummy, but service was slow. I guess when your food is good you can take your time ;)

Pages of Thyme is such a lovely store and I plan on visiting it again! Coco the puppy is the store dog and she followed me around as I made my choices. Tom gave her some belly scritches so I think he is her friend for life!

I peeked into Rejoyce. Nice clothes and housewares. Worth a second look when I am in more funds :)

The snow was really coming down! Who would have thought that it would do that in May?

This poor little birdie looked sooo cold!

I wish we could have stayed longer. I love Big Bear. It is so picturesque! Maybe we can buy a cabin there some day.



  1. Looks like lots of fun, how nice it is to get away once in a while!


  2. Wow - snow!! Looks like it was a really fun day!

  3. So much fun! I needed the day out :)

    I got really cute stuff too at the yard sales and at the scrapbooking store. I still need to let you all see the goodies and what I did with it.

  4. Wish I could find snow on a road trip..... ;) I have, however, been haunting the thrifts in search of cheap, summery garb to where while body painting at this weekend's Paseo Arts Festival. My favorite shop has an amazing selection of skirts and sleeveless tops; so much so the browse can be overwhelming. I use the "Pelly" trick to help me shop - imagine a piece as presented by you either here or on flickr, which helps me focus.
    Wait till you see what I got this morning....


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