Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Dress To Dye For

Friday Finds April 30th 025
I am sure you remember the gold and orange silk dress I bought from the thrift store that I said I was going to try and dye. Well, I actually did it and finally got the pictures taken for you all to see.

Green Dress 028
  • Belt-Forever 21 $9.99
  • Necklace- Made by me from clearance bits from Joanns and chain from a seller on total price $3.00
  • Shoes- Target, on sale a while back for $19.99

Now it is totally fab in green! I used a bottle of denim blue Rit dye that I had bought years ago for around $2.75. So add that to the original investment of $2.00 and my little dress cost me a whopping $4.75! An amazing bargain for a silk dress that looks to be custom made. Yes, I could have made a total mess of this, but for $2.00 I figured, what the heck? I just went for it! Now if you want to do it right Dharma Trading Co. carries silk dyes that can be safely used on delicate fabric and they have a wonderful website and great customer service. Me, I am a wing it kind of girl, but you don't have to be. So I hope next time you go thrifting you see possibilities you didn't see before!



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