Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Yard Sale Magic

I don't know what it is about a yard sale that makes me all excited inside. I know some people can go their whole lives without ever going to one, but me, I love them!

On the way to Big Bear we stopped at a couple we saw on the side of the road. I found a few things that made my heart go pitty pat.

This set I bought at the first yard sale for a whopping $1.00. Yes that is right. One dollar for all of it. A metal cake dome, a gravy boat and a 1903 book that I plan to use for crafting (the story in it is awful, but the pictures are great!)

Picture from the book. I think it would make a great cameo. I am also thinking of using some of the phrases in my scrapbooking and jewelry making. When I am done the cover will probably be used to make a purse :)

As soon as I got the cake dome home I started to paint it.

These are the goodies I bought at Page in Thyme, the scrapbooking store in Big Bear. I was lucky that they had just what I needed for the cake dome!

The finished cake dome! Perfect for my cake stand :)

The second yard sale was mostly clothes. There was a huge pile of jeans that I could hardly go through! The wind was whipping so hard and I just gave up after a while, but I did find one pair.

This lost was $5.00 for all of it. An eyelet lace tunic by Levi's, black opaque tights and J. Jill jeans! Not too shabby.

Well, I am off to see my daughter today and to go to the Goodwill in Lancaster. I am also going to be making earrings later on this week out of the brads I bought at the scrapbbook store. I think I may do a video tutorial on how to make them. I hope you all have a wonderful day!



  1. Oh doll, if only you could have fit the $5.98 Steve Madden shoes I found in the thrift - shiny black heels and toes, with leopard print cow hide on the rest - stylish, and sure to make a statement. Damn those with tiny feet...

  2. Ahhhh, they sound splendid! But yes. I have large feet and usually the shoes at the thrifts stores are all tiny.


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