Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dressing for a Pear Shape

Recently I was asked by a reader to write about dressing for a pear shape. She was a short-waisted pear and was frustrated by her type. I am also a pear, but a long waisted pear. I would suppose that our dressing concerns would be similar but just to be certain I searched the internet for a few tips. In my ramblings I came across a fantastic blog by the Slapdash Sewist who happens to be a short-waisted pear! She wrote a lovely article on her style type and how to dress it which I have linked here: Dressing the Pear Shape: End the A-Line Tyranny!
She shows how that classic A-line shape is not always the best look for us pear shapes. Now I understand why I have my love affair with pencil skirts :) For too long we have been hiding our generous hips. Lets us glorify them! Show them off! They are ASSETS ladies, not flaws!

Friday Finds Aug 7 067
Here the pencil skirt shows off my curves and the belt defines my waist while the puff sleeves of the top add width to my shoulders.

For shirts look for tops that accent the smallest part of your torso. Go for empire or natural waist styles and embellishments are great if you are not very busty.

Here the ruffled sleeves on the top balance out the shoulders and hips and the sash defines the waist. The pants are medium rise and flare out at the hem to also balance the hips.

I find that I can wear lots of embellishments on my tops and ruffles are my friends! I do better with a wide leg or flare trouser, but do like skinny jeans which us pears are not supposed to wear. I believe that sometimes you have to break the rules! I also like high waisted pants, but since I am a long-waisted pear they work.

Friday Finds 047
High-waisted pants worn with a cropped jacked with puff sleeves.

Dress into Blouse
Skinny jeans worn with a top that draws attention to the face with an embellished collar and a cardigan that covers it all!

Dresses that flow from an empire waist are so flattering, especially if you have a tummy pooch. I have a bit of one from having kids. No matter how small I am it is still there!

What I Wore
Peasant style dress worn with a belt.

Green Dress
Wrap dresses are flattering to pears. This one would be even better with a nice belt to further define the waist.

I hope that these tips help those pears out there! I know that I am always on the lookout for more flattering cuts and styles and thank goodness I love my "assets". Life is too short to not love and make the most of yourself!


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  1. thank you just the info i needed, I´m a normal to short waisted pear/hourglass w slender thighs and legs + w a tummy, and I don´t want to cover my body in spandex ggggrrrr
    celebrate and enjoy the body you´ve got and experiment ´till you get the proportions right - a belt for me doesn´t work at all, because of the short waist. embellishment at top is the key, thanks again


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