Thursday, October 22, 2009

Friday Finds Oct 23rd

My Wardrobe
This has been a good week for me, our erstwhile trip to Buffalo Exchange notwithstanding. Other than that I finally got my wardrobe off layaway! Yay! It is now ensconced in my bedroom and I have filled it up with my clothing and accessories.
While my husband had tires put on the truck I nipped over to Marshall's and perused their sweater selection. I was a bit disappointed that there were not very many in my size, but I did find two that I liked.

This gorgeous plum sweater just needed one of my flower pins to jazz it up a bit. Only $24.99. (sorry I had no one to help me take this picture)

New Sweater
I totally fell for this lacy sweater by Kensie. It is a tad large so I used a scarf to belt it. $34.99

Over on Etsy I went shopping for a present for my daughter Keirnath who turned 25 this month. I found this wonderful hat from Whimsical Retro Style and when I got it I just HAD to try it on.

What I wore 10-20-09
It looks so amazing I wish she had another one that I could buy for myself. $24.00

Now to wrap it up for her and not be tempted to keep it *grin*



  1. Pel, you're amazing! I love the sweater belted and your tights are fantastic! Your daughter will LOVE the hat! Suz

  2. Pel, thanks so much for giving the hat some "showtime":) It looks great and I will keep my eyes peeled so to find one for you!
    What a wonderfully fun blog, you have here...I'll have to stop by more often:)

  3. Thanks Suz! I know that Keirnath will adore it. She has the same taste that I do :)

    Pam, your shop is awesome and I have already favourited a few more things. I can I only hope they don't sell before I am in funds again!


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