Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday Finds Oct. 9th

Here we are at Friday again! This week has gone by so fast. I had a horrible start with 13 hours in Victorville with what was supposed to be just a doctor's visit that turned into being sent to a specialist who actually got me in on a same day appointment and having lab work done and a lovely wait at the pharmacy. I now am sporting a massive hematoma on my arm! It was not all bad because I did have a lovely lunch and dinner out with my husband to make up for it. He treated me to sushi which I hardly ever get. Another good thing this week was I got to make a payment on my wardrobe. It is on layaway and I am pining for it so! I cannot wait for it to be paid for and installed in my bedroom. While I didn't get to do much shopping I do have two new things, both from Target.

Twenty Mule Team Outfit
This beautiful teal, ruffled cardigan is so cute! Just $9.98 on clearance.

New Dress
Yay! I finally got the black dress I really wanted. $39.99 and I did wince a bit as I paid up. I really love it though!

Here are a few things that I am drooling over:

This dress is so out of my price range, but I am head over heels about it!

Another dress that makes my heart go pitty pat!

Soon to be Mine!
A sneak peek at my wardrobe! I am grinning like an idiot.

A bien tot my dears!



  1. a wardrobe for a wardrobe! Sounds perfect...and it's quite lovely. As for me, I'v still not bought a single item for me in 1 year 9 months. I just use iron-on patches! However, I do treat myself to the occasional reject shirt, or one that's not sold in a while. :-)

  2. I really have to stop buying. I started because I had nothing that fit me when I lost weight so I had to start from scratch. Then I just kept buying. I think I have enough now and will try not to buy as much and to try to make over what I have. I will admit that I did buy most of what I have on clearance and at thrift shops or in lots on ebay.

  3. LOVE the ruffled cardigan, so cute & what a good deal! don't ya love that?

  4. This is such a fun blog! Great finds, by the way.

  5. Thanks Athena, I love your chain maille BTW and have added a link to your blog on Peldyn's Musings' blog list. I plan on reading it regularly!


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