Friday, October 9, 2009

A New Purpose

I love it when I find a new purpose for an everyday item and when I also find a use for something I might have thrown away. Especially when that use saves me money! Here are a few things I have repurposed. I hope they give you a few ideas too.

Repurposed 009
Repurposed 008
I was going to buy drawer organizers at the container store when I noticed that the inserts that held these little strudel cookies was perfect for organizing items in my drawers and on my vanity tray! What is even better is they stack so they take up so little space. So I've kept plastic out of the land fill and saved myself a few dollars in the bargain. I am pretty happy about that.

Repurposed 005
At Target I saw this adorable bathroom set that was so cute. The wheels started turning in my head and I realised that the toothbrush holder would be better off as an earring holder. It holds my longer earrings tangle free.

Repurposed 002
The soap dish keeps my large "knuckle duster" rings close at hand.

Repurposed 006
This hand soap dispenser is waiting to be filled with my favourite body lotion.

Repurposed 007
They all look so beautiful sitting on my vanity.

So tell me about the things you have repurposed. I have just started and it is fun!



  1. good ideas! you don't have to use a tripod, there are times when it might be better or helpful but not necessary!

  2. Thanks! A tripod is on my list of things to buy.


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