Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hat Crazy

Little Red Hat 2

There used to be a time when I didn't wear hats. I felt that I didn't have the face for them. That I looked awful in them, that I was unattractive. I learned over the years that I actually look good in hats if I have the right hairstyle and the hat is place "just so" on the head. A hat almost never looks good worn squarely on the head. They need to be tilted, tipped back or forward. Some need the hair to fall to the front, or to be brushed to the back. You just have to experiment! That is half the fun of hats, fussing with your hair and tilting the hat in different positions. I now have a small collection of hats, most of them vintage that call for vintage hairstyles to make them work. This can be a challenge as I can do other people's hair quite well, but have a harder time working with my own. But that is okay. I am learning. *smile*

Black Hat2
Black hat from the 50's I believe. I got this last month at an antique store in Ocean Beach. There were so many lovely hats it was hard to choose. I wanted them all!

Brown Straw Hat
Brown straw hat that I have had since the very early 90's. The dog chewed on the edge so I had to cover it with velvet ribbon to repair it. I actually think it looks better this way.

Black Hat1
Black wool hat bought at a thrift store in the mid 90's in Redlands with my sister-in-law Kathy. That was such a fun day!

White Hat
White and navy hat from an antique store in Ocean Beach. I think it will go well with my new navy, brown and white plaid sheath dress.

Black Hat wRose
Black hat with roses bought from a retail store in the early 90's. Probably Wet Seal or something like it.

40's Hat
Red velvet 1940's vintage hat bought at an antique store in Redlands. I also bought a gorgeous vintage argyle cardigan that day that my daughter now wears. I sort of wish I hadn't given it to her! LOL!

Beige Hat
Lovely beige cloche hat that I have crushed the top in to give a fedora look to. I believe it is a 50's remake of a 20's style. I bought it on Etsy a month or two ago.

Red Hat2
Another look at the red crocheted hat. This was made for me by my friend Sherry Fitzpatrick. It took a while for me to wear it since it was red. The same with the red velvet hat. I had bought it because it was pretty, not because I ever thought I would actually wear it. Now I plan on wearing all my hats! I have stopped thinking that people look at me because I look odd. I now attribute their looks to admiration of my lovely hat. I hope that is not to vain of me?



  1. Yes, it's all about the jaunty angle! I love wearing a hat, as long as I don't have to take it off till the end of the day. As soon as I can wrangle my hair into one style or another, I'll be joining your revolution.

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